HP Mousepad Gaming 7035

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Smoothness and controllablity

Durable and washable

Strong toughness and nondeformable

HP Gaming Mouse Pand adopted update 3D fabric technics.With the high temperature surface-hardening,in has a more close-textured surface.The extreme smoothness and controllability of soft handle attributes an extensive compatibility and durability.HP Gaming Mouse Pad can effectively improve the comfortablity and efficiency when professional game players and time-consuming computer users use it.To the extreme condition,it can contribute 15% improvement more than ordinary ones.

Technical Specifications

Width : 90

High : 40

Thickness : 3

Mouse pad : 70x35x3

Intensive fabric technics

HP mouse pad by the research and develop of the fabric pattern,probide the nice amount of friction,in order to ensure accurate to the pixel location and the best mouse response,and at the same time maintain ergonomic region operation smooth and stable.

Full package edge design
The edge of the HP controll mouse pad uses extra fine knitting to remove excess edges to make sure the mouse pad is more durable.

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