Parfum Victoria's Secret Travel Set

Bundle - 2012211

Body Mist Vict0ria Secret
Detail: 75ml/botol (1paket isi 2 botol)
1 shimmer + 1 yg biasa
Original USA
Tersedia 8 variant :
Aquakiss : cool & fresh
Temptation : sweet candy, floral
Pure Seduction : sweet fruit, seductive sexy
Love Spell : sweet & fresh fruit, romantic
Velvet Petals : floral notes and candied almond
Coconut Passion : Island Coconut. Warm Sands. Beach days forever
Amber Romance : Deep Amber. Sugar Kisses. Chasing sunsets.
Love Addict : fruity fragrance , aloe vera and chamomile. Featuring wild orchid and blood orange,

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